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Covid-19 has a devastating second act, severe fatigue, mental issues and memory lapses, etc. do you recognise it, in yourself or a loved one?

Do you have severe fatigue, cognitive issues and memory lapses, digestive problems, erratic heart rates, headaches, dizziness, fluctuating blood pressure, or even hair loss?

Mabey you have had Covid-19, maybe even without knowing it? If you recently start having these symptoms, then there is a good chance that you have had Covid-19 as this will explain what is causing these problems!

For many patients, including young ones who never required hospitalization, Covid-19 has a devastating second act.

Lots of people are dealing with symptoms weeks or even months after they were expected to recover, often with puzzling new complications that can affect the entire body.

What is surprising to doctors is that many such cases involve people whose original cases were not the most serious, undermining the assumption that patients with mild Covid-19 recover within two weeks. Doctors call the condition “post-acute Covid” or “chronic Covid,” and sufferers often refer to themselves as “long haulers” or “long-Covid” patients.

The disease itself is not that bad, but the lingering symptoms like memory lapses and rapid heart rate sometimes persist for months.

A recent survey of more than 4,000 Covid-19 patients found that about 10% of those age 18 to 49 still struggled with symptoms four weeks after becoming sick, that 4.5% of all ages had symptoms for more than eight weeks, and 2.3% had them for more than 12 weeks.

Another preliminary study looking mostly at non hospitalized Covid-19 patients found that about 25% still had at least one symptom after 90 days.

With more than 46 million cases world-wide, and still growing, even the lower estimates would translate into millions living with long-term, sometimes disabling conditions, increasing the urgency to study this patient population, researchers said.

What differentiates Covid-19 is the far-reaching nature of its effects. While it starts in the lungs, it often affects many other parts of the body, including the heart, kidneys and the digestive and nervous systems, doctors said.

Doctors also are reporting cases of long-Covid-19 patients with gastrointestinal issues. Recent work has found the new coronavirus, known as SARS-CoV-2, in fecal matter and intestinal lining of some Covid-19 patients, suggesting the virus can infect and damage the cells of the gut. The intestines have a high density of ACE2 receptors, a type of protein on the surface of cells, which SARS-CoV-2 uses to infiltrate cells.

Doctors say some patients appear to be developing dysautonomia, or dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system, the part of the nervous system that regulates involuntary functions like breathing, digestion and heart rate, some researchers and doctors said.

In autopsies of some Covid-19 patients, doctors have observed encephalitis, or inflammation of the brain. Small autopsy studies also have found preliminary evidence of coronavirus particles in regions of the brain important for smell.

How long it will take long-Covid patients to recover remains unknown, most of them won’t get better on their own, and will need at least six months of structured rehabilitation.

What tends to happen to people who do not get treatment and don’t get the recognition they need is they slump down to a new normal of function.

So please recognise that the symptoms you have can be from Covid-19 and so get help, even if you never had symptoms of getting sick. Also please help the people you know that has symptoms like this, by sending this article to them. Help them to recognise what is happening to them.

You may also be interested in reading this article on using – Nebulising Hydrogen Peroxide to treat Covid-19, this could also help for the after affects, so please let us know your experiences, if you have used Bound Oxygen H2O2 Nebulizing – thanks in advance.


oxygen treatment

How Nebulized Peroxide Helps Against Respiratory Infections

This is a shortened article of Dr. Mercola, follow this link for the full article – and Then I Deon the owner of Bound-Oxygen then explains what makes our products special, so I do not claim to be objective, as I am a true believer and user of the Bound-Oxygen Product range. This is my disclaimer before we start – and I thank Dr. Mercola for this very informative article on How Nebulized Peroxide Helps Against Respiratory Infections.\

Dr. Mercola:


  • Hydrogen peroxide sits inside and outside cells of your cells in low levels, ready and waiting to be generated in greater amounts as soon as a pathogen is detected by your immune system
  • Nebulizing hydrogen peroxide into your sinuses, throat and lungs is a simple, straightforward way to augment your body’s natural expression of hydrogen peroxide to combat infections
  • In addition to having direct viricidal effects, iodine improves white blood cell function and thyroid hormone production. This provides a metabolic boost to white blood cells to increase hydrogen peroxide antimicrobial properties which is one way your immune system works to kill pathogens
  • Vitamin C also increases hydrogen peroxide production when used at high doses, while vitamin A helps modulate your immune system
  • Buy a desktop nebulizer and stock food-grade hydrogen peroxide, Lugol’s iodine and some saline. That way, you have everything you need and can begin treatment at home at the first signs of a respiratory infection

Dr. David Brownstein, who has a clinic just outside of Detroit, has successfully treated over a hundred patients with what has become my favorite intervention for COVID-19 and other upper respiratory infections, namely nebulized hydrogen peroxide. He has published the results of his work in a study that you can download here. “107 Patients — One Hospitalization, Zero Deaths”

We got them hooked up on a nebulizer too, nebulizing hydrogen peroxide and iodine. After they started the therapies, usually after the first nebulized treatment, their airways would open up, and they could breathe again. We ended up treating 107 patients that I wrote about in the published, peer-reviewed [paper]. We had one hospitalization, no ventilators, no deaths.”

How to Do Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide — The Basics

Nebulized hydrogen peroxide is extremely safe. Brownstein has used it for 25 years with no ill effects being found. It’s also incredibly inexpensive, and you can administer it at home, without a prescription. In my view, it is one of the absolute best therapies for viral infections like SARS-CoV-2 or even worse respiratory viruses that will likely be unleashed in the future.

You need to buy a desktop nebulizer (it needs to produce a very fine mist and desktop versions are stronger than handheld battery operated models). The one I use is the Pari Trek S Compressor Aerosol System, which is available on Amazon or less expensively on eBay. The large battery option is unnecessary as you can simply plug in the device to run it when you need it.

Please understand, though, that the Pari Trek S is designed to treat asthmatics and as such only comes with a mouthpiece. While this would get the peroxide in the lungs where it is needed, it does nothing to reach the sinuses, which are also likely infected. This is why it would be worth pick up some face masks on Amazon to use instead of the mouthpiece as they are only about $10.

It is important to acquire this BEFORE you need it, as the sooner you treat the infection the better your results will be, although the testimonials are unbelievably impressive even in late stage illness. It is not necessary to treat yourself preventively, but only if you are sick or exposed to someone who is.

While I’ve been using a 0.1% dilution, Brownstein uses an even lower concentration of just 0.04%. Neither Brownstein nor I recommend using commercial 3% hydrogen peroxide found in most grocery stores, however, as it has potentially toxic chemical stabilizers in it.

Then take 3-5 ml and put that into the nebulizer and inhale the entire amount. You can do this every hour when you are sick until you start to notice improvement and then back down to every 4-6 hours and continue until you are over the illness.

To be safe it is best to use FOOD-GRADE peroxide. Also remember not to dilute it with plain water as the lack of electrolytes in the water can damage your lungs if you nebulize that. You will need to use saline or add a small amount of salt to the water to eliminate this risk.

Brownstein also adds one drop of 5% Lugol’s solution to the nebulizer as well.

Deon Marais (Owner) Comments:

Bound-Oxygen currently sells a “BO2 Nasal Spray” 0.065% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (Stabilised) with a non-toxic vegetable stabilizer. 

The strength that is normally suggested works in our experience with Bound-Oxygen Products slightly different than normal Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) as we normally get the same results with a milder solution. The reason for this is that because of our very efficient vegetable stabilizer, our Bound-Oxygen Products does not have a chain reaction in which the Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) impact on each other once it comes into contact with dirt/bacteria/viruses, and so it lasts much longer and so then if you can increase the contact time, then a lower (safer) dose is normally the better option.

Then take 3-5 ml (0.065% BO2 Nasal Spray) and put that into the nebulizer and inhale the entire amount. You can do this every hour when you are sick until you start to notice improvement and then back down to every 4-6 hours and continue until you are over the illness.

Alternatively use the (1% BO2 Throat Spray) for 15 minutes 4 times a day, then replace with 3-5 ml (0.065% BO2 Nasal Spray) for the rest of the time.

Dr. Mercola:

Nebulized Peroxide Typically Improves Symptoms Within Hours

This story echoes the experiences of personal acquaintances who have tried the treatment. After two treatments, they felt significantly better. After the third treatment, their breathing was restored and they were well on their way to a full recovery.

You’d be hard-pressed to find another treatment that works within hours. Brownstein agrees that this scenario is consistent with what he has encountered among his own patients.

“Usually, everything feels better within a couple of hours of starting nebulizing,” he says. When asked about how others in the medical community have responded to his blog posts about the treatment, he replies:

“In the middle of the crisis as I was posting … I started hearing from doctors all over the country, especially in New York and New Jersey. They were hospital physicians … They didn’t know what to do. The therapies weren’t working.

No. 1, they want the therapy for their family, and No. 2, they want to help their patients. So, I was hearing from doctors. They were interested. I heard from a couple of local doctors who sent patients to us whom they couldn’t help.

They had nothing to offer them … and [those patients] got better … It was really the first time I got a bunch of emails, messages and phone calls from doctors saying, ‘Hey, tell me how it works. Tell me what you’re doing.'”

Summary of Treatment

To summarize, here’s how I would treat myself or a family member:

  1. At the very first signs of a respiratory infection, dilute food-grade hydrogen peroxide down to a 0.1% (my recommendation) or 0.04% solution (Dr. Brownstein’s recommendation). If you want, you can add one drop of 5% Lugol’s iodine solution, and nebulize using a desktop nebulizer.
  2. Start taking quercetin and zinc, as an adjunctive therapy as soon as you know you have an infection, as the earlier you start the better. This treatment is likely ineffective late in the course of the illness as it works to inhibit viral replication. If the virus has already reproduced, it is too late and the horse is out of the barn.

The key is to have everything you need readily available. Have it in your possession before you need it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so procure the nebulizer, peroxide and iodine before you get ill.

If you’re exposed to someone who is sick, you can use the nebulized peroxide as a prophylactic, but if you’re healthy, it’s not recommended to nebulize daily. For prevention, also make sure your vitamin D level is above 40 ng/mL.

In the later stages of disease, NAC may be really useful. The MATH+ protocol developed by Dr. Paul Marik uses methylprednisolone, vitamin C, thiamine (vitamin B1) and heparin. Heparin is administered because COVID-19 is a blood disorder too. There are clotting complications, and the heparin seems to improve that.

NAC also prevents platelet aggregation and abnormal blood clotting. It also reduces oxidative stress and increases glutathione levels, both of which play important roles in this disease. In my view, quercetin, zinc, glutathione, vitamin D and nebulized peroxide is a home run.

“There are cheap and effective ways to treat [COVID-19], and we should be studying this,” Brownstein says. “We should be allowed to report on it, and we should be allowed to study it. [If we were], we wouldn’t have the travesty that’s happened to our country.”

Deon Marais (Owner) Comments:

What to do when someone sneezed or coughed directly on you?

Immediately spray the Bound-Oxygen Throat Spray in your mouth, hold it, mixing it with saliva and swallow two or three minutes later. 

And secondly use the Bound-Oxygen Sinus and Hayfever Spray

 thirdly use the Throat Spray as a liquid in a nebulizer for 15 minutes at first chance you get.

For more Info please have a look at our website https://woundcarespray.wordpress.com

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Disinfecting COVID-19 face Masks

A growing number of people are now recommending that people wear face coverings or masks when going out and doing essential tasks such as grocery shopping and going to medical appointments. And did you know that you can improve on there effectiveness of these masks? And keep then clean and germ-free for longer?
But how do you keep your coverings clean?
The Department of Public Health recommends frequently washing cloth face masks – ideally after each use, but at least every day. Wash with detergent and hot water and dry on a hot cycle (or at least washed with hot, soapy water).
Ideally use a Hydrogen Peroxide Hand Sanitizer to constantly keep it clean and virus free. Did you know that a 0.5% Hydrogen Peroxide Kills the Coronavirus with a 60 seconds contact time?
You spray it on both the inside and the outside of the face-mask! It will kill all the pathogens on the face mask, as well as kill any that comes in contact with it later (as long as the mask is moist). So always spray on your face mask before touching it, or adjusting it.
Experts say masks alone are not particularly effective in preventing infection. That is why its best to combine it with a Sanitiser Spray, to keep them clean longer. They don’t cover the eyes, for instance, and a bit of coughed saliva that sprays into the eye can cause an infection. This will cause an infection in your sinuses, luckily you can use a Hydrogen Peroxide Sinus spray to keep the sinuses clean and healthy. The best is to use it to prevent sinus problems, then your sinuses stay clean all the time and bacteria and viruses can not get a hold in them.
For more information on Hydrogen Peroxide products and where they are available look at https://woundcarespray.wordpress.com

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Trying to stop the Coronavirus? Stop the Sore Throat – Most important of all

coronavirus photo

Do not get infected with the Coronavirus:

Bound-Oxygen has a two-part hypothesis on what we can do for the Coronavirus:

Part One: Hydrogen Peroxide kills the Coronavirus on surfaces (on contact), so then hydrogen peroxide will also kill the Coronavirus inside the throat and the sinuses. And any other places in the body. As long as you can get the Hydrogen Peroxide onto the virus (as they neutralize each other).

Part two: After Hydrogen Peroxide application the Coronavirus will be less contagious. (If there are fewer live viruses, there are less to share.)

Most important of all is to keep it out of the lungs. You can have other symptoms and have the Coronavirus, but it’s only the lungs that are deadly.

To keep it out of the lungs successfully you have to keep it out of:

Throat and mouth

Sinuses and Eyes


Bound-Oxygen has no proof yet – we hope this will change soon.

This should not be difficult to prove as simple before and after test on surfaces, sowing the difference should suffice. Testing the number of viruses if sneezed on a paper held in front of the mouth, and then the same test after the Sinus and Throat spray was used.

But we will need more funding and we can only start planning for this after the shut-down is over. But it’s a rational conclusion that if there are fewer viruses in the mouth, throat, and sinuses that there will be fewer viruses spread with breathing, coughing, and sneezing. So less contagious, and so maybe the lock-down will be able to be sorter or not necessary at all.

The good news is that we at Bound-Oxygen believes that our products should be able to both kill and prevent the Coronavirus from all of these places in the body that is easily reachable, so the sinuses and throat, that is if our hypothesis is correct.

We would love to hear your view if you agree that this can work. And if it has worked for you. Please leave a comment.

But it is important that you act fast (Immediately) when the first sins of illness present itself, do not let it get a hold on the throat or sinuses! Dose, dose, dose, as you can not overdose!

Incubation periods

The mouth and throat will be the fastest incubation period. The throat is the final frontier – do not let it get a hold on the throat! So kill the Virus/Cold/Flu at the first sign of a sore throat, but preferably prevent the throat from getting sore, by spraying every day to help protect the throat.

(When you spray our Throat Spray in the mouth and there was a mild burning sensation it means there was bacteria/viruses that it neutralised, and so if this happens spray more often. If you spray to prevent a sore throat and there is no reaction, it meens all is well!)

The sinuses and eyes will be the second-fastest incubation period in getting sick after being infected. You will probably lose your sense of smell and taste. The virus will drip into the throat, (postnasal drip) and so it’s only then that the big problems will start, as the constant drip into the throat will reinfect the throat on a constant basis. If it comes through the eyes, it will also infect the sinuses, as they are connected.

(When you spraid our Sinus Spray in your nostrils and there was a mild burning sensation it means there was bacteria/viruses that it neutralised, and so if this happens spray more often. If you spray to prevent a sore throat and there is no reaction, it meens all is well!)

The longest incubation period will be through the ears. But when it starts dripping into the throat, then there will be big trouble, as the constant drip into the throat will reinfect the throat on a constant basis, it is also more difficult to stop the infection in the ears as there is no blood.

The answer to both the sinus, throat and ears is the mild Hydrogen Peroxide products from Bound-Oxygen.

We know the Coronavirus gets killed by a 0.5% or stronger Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) with a contact time of 60 seconds on surfaces. Look for Hydrogen Peroxide in the article below. This article lists all the options that can be used on surfaces.

Kampf G, Todt D, Pfaender S, Steinmann E. Persistence of coronaviruses on inanimate surfaces and their inactivation with biocidal agents. J Hosp Infect. 2020;104(3):246–251. doi:10.1016/j.jhin.2020.01.022 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32035997/

We also know that weaker solutions of Hydrogen Peroxide will kill viruses with longer contact times, or with intermittent contact that makes up a longer contact time.

The problem is how to administer Hydrogen Peroxide inside the body safely? As both free radicals can do lots of harm and if the Hydrogen Peroxide is administered too strongly, this can do damage as it has a strong burning action, from there the bubbles, when it’s mild there are no bubbles.

So the best option is, slow, steady and a mild solution of Hydrogen Peroxide. So each time you kill some viruses, probably wounding others, and the rest will have to be killed with the next applications, repeating until all is clean. Winning slowly and safely.

We suggest spraying the sinus every hour – this is 0.065% Hydrogen Peroxide. Your sinuses can not handle strong solutions. So spraying continuously to help make up for the weakness of the liquad is advisable.

Spray the Throat spray hourly into the mouth and the ears – this is a 1% as your mouth can handle a bit stronger Hydrogen Peroxide as it also mixes with the saliva that will make it less strong, then swallow.

Spray 1 spray for every 30kg of weight. Ideally, hold in mouth mixing it with your saliva mowing it around in your mouth for a few minutes then swallow.

This will both clean your mouth and your throat. This is important as you swallow and cough whatever is in the mouth will move to the throat and then from throat to mouth and vice versa.

Keeping the ears clean is just making extra sure as its also connected to the throat. You do this by spraying the Sinus Spray first in the one ear while lying on your side filling the ear with liquid for 5 to 10 minutes, then letting it drain. Then repeating it for the other ear,

So the oxidation has a mild burning sensation, some of the viruses will be killed and some will be injured, its these injured viruses that can now easily be killed by the body’s defenses.

So we suggest that we do this cycle of cleansing until all is well again.

What we know about this Coronavirus:

It’s a slow progressive virus. It’s not normally fast:


Getting infected is very easy


Showing the first signs can take up to 3 weeks. Depending on where is infected first. Mouth, sinuses or ears.


Sore throat/fever – 2/3 weeks


Hospitalization- complications lugs 2/3 weeks

Stage5: Death from 6 weeks to 12 weeks/complications with lugs not absorbing oxygen.


So we want to prevent getting sick – so take the first signs of getting a cold or flu, sore throat and sinus very seriously.

Don’t wait. Start treating it immediately with Bound-Oxygen!

Most people report that when they wake up with a sore throat and spray our “BO2 Sore Throat” product immediately report that the sore throat is gone by the time they wake up in the morning!

So the best natural product that has been proved to kill this virus on surfaces is Hydrogen Peroxide. And the best Hydrogen Peroxide products are the Bound Oxygen products. 

Hydrogen Peroxide is a very effective way of delivering oxygen, but. It must be done in mild solutions for it to be safe and effective.

All of the above are the views of Bound-Oxygen and we would love to prove this, so if you are interested in helping us getting this proof please let us know. Have a look at the website for more information and our full disclosure. https://woundcarespray.wordpress.com

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The secret to bio-hacking your body with oxygen therapy

A Surgeon’s Little-Known Secret to Bio-Hacking Your Body With Oxygen Therapy

Read more at:


You can now do the same with Bound-Oxygen – have a look.