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Disinfecting COVID-19 face Masks

A growing number of people are now recommending that people wear face coverings or masks when going out and doing essential tasks such as grocery shopping and going to medical appointments. And did you know that you can improve on there effectiveness of these masks? And keep then clean and germ-free for longer?
But how do you keep your coverings clean?
The Department of Public Health recommends frequently washing cloth face masks – ideally after each use, but at least every day. Wash with detergent and hot water and dry on a hot cycle (or at least washed with hot, soapy water).
Ideally use a Hydrogen Peroxide Hand Sanitizer to constantly keep it clean and virus free. Did you know that a 0.5% Hydrogen Peroxide Kills the Coronavirus with a 60 seconds contact time?
You spray it on both the inside and the outside of the face-mask! It will kill all the pathogens on the face mask, as well as kill any that comes in contact with it later (as long as the mask is moist). So always spray on your face mask before touching it, or adjusting it.
Experts say masks alone are not particularly effective in preventing infection. That is why its best to combine it with a Sanitiser Spray, to keep them clean longer. They don’t cover the eyes, for instance, and a bit of coughed saliva that sprays into the eye can cause an infection. This will cause an infection in your sinuses, luckily you can use a Hydrogen Peroxide Sinus spray to keep the sinuses clean and healthy. The best is to use it to prevent sinus problems, then your sinuses stay clean all the time and bacteria and viruses can not get a hold in them.
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