BO2 Sinus and Hayfever Spray

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Bound-Oxygen is an incredibly easy product to use, as you just spray it into your nasal passage – and sniff – whenever you need it, you cannot overdose, and you feel the results almost immediately.


Use Bound-Oxygen as a preventative, spray before you go into areas that might give you hayfever, it really makes a difference! So, spray the “Sinus and Hayfever Relief” at the first signs of an itchy nose, eyes etc. But it will work later as well, but why suffer when the answer is so close by.


The biggest problem with sinusitis is, that your nostrils can be totally blocked, and so when you sniff the Bound-Oxygen liquid, nothing is going into your sinuses, all the Bound-Oxygen liquid just runs back out. So if you are considering a sinus operation, this is your best option. Lye on your back so that your nostrils face upwards, then spray your nasal passage with Bound-Oxygen and you let it trickle down. It does take time though. Do it for 20/30 minutes at a time. Sniff occasionally, to see if you can get some liquid into your sinuses. Then repeat every few hours until your nose is open.

“This unregistered medicine has not been evaluated by the SAHPRA for its quality, safety or intended use.”





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21 thoughts on “BO2 Sinus and Hayfever Spray”

  1. There is sometimes a burning sensation, the more bacteria that is present the more it burns, but the more it helps. If your sinuses feels more blocked it is because our product mosterisis the sinuses and so the dirt can come loose, blocking the nose temprery, just keep on spraying, blowing the nose till it clears completely. As the sinuses clears the burning sensation will get less, till it feels like water.


    1. Spray into both nostrils, till you feel it in your throat, about 3 sprays – repeat as often as needed (even every 15 minutes – unless you have a nose that bleeds easily – thin membranes, then only use every 2 hours, till your membranes have strengthened ) you can not easily overdose.


    1. Yes, we have lots of people that reported back that there smell returned after using the nasal/sinus product, it can take a few weeks, depending on how long you have had this problem.


  2. Hi my daughter had negative covid test but has most of the symptoms her oxygen levels at 96 how can we increase back to normal fast I read about nebulizing your product? Where can we obtain it in Hillcrest Natal asap


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