All cells require oxygen for optimal functioning, including our skin cells. A lack of oxygen in the skin can cause blood vessels to shrink and disrupt its ability to function properly, which can lead to the skin looking dull.

Besides allowing the skin to breathe, oxygen applied directly to the skin has many beneficial actions:

1) Promotes Skin Healing:

Oxygen stimulates the body’s natural healing function by increasing circulation, thus helping the skin to create new cells at a faster rate. – Skin Spray

2) Anti-Inflammatory:

Oxygen soothes inflammation and irritation by creating a cooling and calming effect to the skin. – Skin Spray

3) Antibacterial:

Oxygen removes debris and destroys bacteria (responsible for blemishes, irritation…), leaving the skin perfectly balanced and protected. – Skin Spray

4) Stimulates Collagen & Elastin Production:

Oxygen increases the strength of collagen and elastin fibres by helping to metabolise new cells. Oxygen is crucial for healthy cell development. – Skin Spray

5) Adds Plumpness to the Skin:

Oxygen can temporarily enhance the skin by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and creating a plumping effect. The skin is left with a glow and looking healthier. – Skin Spray

To improve the Skin use the Skin Spray Product as often as is needed – spray on face, forehead and onto your scalp or any part of your skin.

Speeds Up Cell Turnover

Our skin cells have a limited lifetime. They die, and new cells replace them. Oxygen is crucial for cell regeneration. It increases the rate at which new cells grow, which, in turn, helps in scar (from acne) healing. The oxygen facial gives an extra dose of oxygen to your skin cells, thus aiding faster cell turnover. – Skin Spray

Moisturises Your Skin

Constant exposure to the sun, dust, and pollution rob your skin of its natural moisture content. This makes it extremely dry and lifeless. And if you have dry skin, these issues can make your skin worse. The oxygen facial deeply moisturizes your skin, restoring its pH balance and shielding it from sun damage. – Skin Spray

To improve the Skin use the Skin Spray Product as often as is needed – spray on face, forehead and onto your scalp or any part of your skin.

Heals Acne

Acne is formed when the skin cells are clogged, trapping dirt and oils in them, causing the pores to get enlarged. The oxygen facial helps in shrinking the pores and doesn’t let your skin accumulate dust and dirt. As a result, it remains glowing for longer, and you won’t get annoying pimples, zits, and acne. – Skin Spray

Young skin gets plenty oxygen from the environment because it still works efficiently enough to process what’s on offer.  With age however, skin loses its ability to retain and utilize oxygen for normal metabolic processes.  Repair and regeneration of collagen and elastin tissue that provide the skin’s structural integrity are two of these.

What an oxygen facial treatment does is enhance the available oxygen to the skin, boosting circulation, stimulating cell turnover, and leaving the complexion hydrated, plump and revitalized. – Skin Spray

High concentrations of oxygen also trigger the body’s own healing functions.  Furthermore, in an oxygen-rich environment, bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections simply do not survive.  Done daily, the subtle – but very real – rejuvenation effects are cumulative.

Like so many things in this life, oxygen has both an upside and a downside.  On the one hand, enhanced oxygenation is really doing your complexion a favour.  On the other, oxidation happens but it doesn’t have to show up on your skin. – Skin Spray

Bound-Oxygen Skin Products contain bound-oxygen and therefore offer only the good and none of the bad oxygen!

To improve the Skin use the Skin Spray Product as often as is needed – spray on face, forehead and onto your scalp or any part of your skin.

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