Sleep deprivation or insomnia

Tired eyes tend to be bloodshot. That’s because a lack of sleep can decrease the amount of oxygen that reaches your eyes, which in turn causes blood vessels in them to dilate and appear red, as more oxygen must be delivered and so the arteries need to be bigger.

Diabetes can cause many health problems for sufferers and one of these is macular oedema. This is a fluid build-up in the part of the eye that is responsible for central vision. It is caused when high blood sugar eventually causes damage in blood vessels of the retina and a decrease in the supply of oxygen and nutrients. The leakage of fluid into the macular causes it to become thickened and results in vision loss. Adding H2Ohas improved the vision of these sufferers.

To improve the eyes use the Sinus Product daily – in the sinuses – or as needed.

Sleep apnoea

Sleep apnoea accelerates and compounds the abnormalities associated with diabetic damage to the retina.

Sleep apnoea is a chronic condition that interrupts breathing during sleep. In obstructive sleep apnea, the airway becomes blocked, causing breathing to stop for up to 2 minutes. This condition affects more than 12 million Americans. Its symptoms include loud snoring, gasping or choking while asleep, morning headache and daytime sleepiness.

Bound-Oxygen: Sinus & Hayfever Relief

When you use Bound-Oxygen’s Sinus and Hayfever Product some of the liquid goes into the eyes and so if you use this product daily this should prevent any eye problems. Needless to say, your sinus problems will also be much better.

This oxygen product helps by cleaning and adding extra oxygen, into the nose, sinuses, eyes, throat.

To improve the eyes use the Sinus Product daily in the sinuses – as needed.

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