Absorbing Oxygen

Absorbing Oxygen into the blood is most important of all. As our blood is our life! The better our blood is the better our health is.

But up till recently adding extra oxygen into the blood has not been an easy thing to do. And hence nobody is doing it. And nobody is really thinking of ways to doing it.

Now with the Bound-Oxygen product range it is suddenly easy, so if you ever thought it would be desirable to have extra oxygen in your blood, then pay attention to this fantastic products.

The Skin Spray, has a strength of 0.65% and it sorts out all skin problems, but it is also absorbed into the skin, especially when you spray on the same skin over and over contiuesly. The top of the feet works very well.

Secondly the Sore Throat Spray 3% when sprayed into the mouth (while breathing in) also absorbed very effectively into the blood.

The throat’s skin absorbed much faster than the outside skin.

If you own an oxygen meter, that mesures the persentage Oxygen in the blood, you will be able to see the oxygen levels rise with continual use.

All desease starts in the Gut, but when the desease has started then it is in the blood.

So sorting out the blood is most important of all!


Stop the fungi and stop smoking easily


Do you know why it’s so difficult to stop? It is not the nicotine, it’s not the hand movement, it all starts with the sugar!

Yes, there is lots of sugar in cigarettes, the tar is burnt sugar.

But you may ask why is sugar so detrimental in cigarettes? Because it feeds the fungi, and so now fungi can survive in your lungs.

Did you know that fungi communicate with its host? Yes, on the same communication line as habits remind you what to do – so once they invade you they do not hide, they start ordering the food they like, and you become their slave. The next time you crave that cigarette, ask yourself who has ordered them, you or your fungi slave master?

The fungi communicate in machine language – so to say – but over time it gets easier for oneself to know (suspect) when they have been doing the ordering.

The good news is that these Invaders are alive and need food and water to stay alive. You can starve them into submission. But easier still, start using Bound-Oxygen Skin Spray on your face and on your feet, this helps to kill the fungi, and this makes the urge to smoke much less.

The fungi also change the environment to better suit them, so less oxygen, and if they can do this in your brain it has the added advantage that you are more gullible! And easier to control.

The best is to start Nebulize the Bound-Oxygen 1% Sore Throat and Cough Spray every time you get the urge to smoke, so killing the fungi istead of feeding them!

The reason it’s so difficult to stop smoking is that the fungi do not want you to stop. They keep ordering cigarettes long after the nicotine has been forgotten. And even one cigarette will give them hope, then more will be shouting with new energy – as they got fed.

Stop feeding the fungi! Evict them! And stop smoking with ease.

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Are you trying to sell your product online?


Then you have found what you are looking for!

Bound-Oxygen is unique and memorable, and so if you have customers or acquaintances with diabetes. Then you should really consider these products.


That said – here is what it helps for:

  • Skin and Face Spray
  • Itchy scalp or any itchy skin Spray
  • Diabetic Foot and Leg problems (wounds etc.)
  • Detoxing your body through your feet
  • Adding extra oxygen into the blood – through the feet
  • Solving all sinus related problems, including hayfever and sinusitis.
  • Cleaning your cellphone screen and eyeglasses


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No lungs required: injected oxygen to keep patients alive


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At Bound-Oxygen we need similar research, it would be interesting to see what results Bound-Oxygen would have.


Keeping these 9 things healthy – will make you healthy


There are 9 things we have to do/check on a daily/weekly basis to ensure that we stay healthy or ensure that we get back in perfect health:

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Different ways to increase oxygen in your blood


In case the blood oxygen levels are too low, the condition is known as Hypoxia. (If the level is as low as 90%) Sometimes, the levels can go as low as 80%, resulting in severe hypoxia, which can be life-threatening.

There can be various reasons for low oxygen levels in the blood which include:

  • breathing in high altitudes
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (which is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States of America)
  • sleep apnoea
  • pneumonia, and so on

Medical treatment depends upon the cause of low oxygen levels in the blood.

There are ways of increasing oxygen in the blood through some lifestyle changes.

Or you can have a look at: Blood Oxygenation Enhancement & Detox

Face Treatment, Skin

Ageing and dull skin lacks oxygen

skin care photo

Oxygen is one of the most crucial elements of human existence. The oxygen that we breathe in from the air around us helps to keep our body and skin layers clear of poisons and toxins. However, as we get older, the oxygen levels in our skin naturally decline, which contributes to wrinkles and fine lines.

From an aesthetics perspective, measurable oxygen quantities start dropping in the skin at the age of twenty-five and extremely low oxygen levels are powerful symptoms of aged skin. By age forty, 50% of the skins ability to consume and maintain oxygen has become impaired. Whenever the skin is lacking oxygen, blood vessels contract which significantly compromises the skins capability to function effectively.

The oxygen skin treatment. This beauty treatment is designed to boost the levels of oxygen in your skin, smoothing away wrinkles and repairing a youthful physical appearance to your face.

So, what exactly is an oxygen treatment and just what makes them so effective?

Promotes collagen production – The infusion of oxygen into the skin encourages the production of collagen, which helps plump up facial features and restore volume and firmness to the skin which has lost softness.

Helps detox the skin layers – Daily toxins such as air pollution and cigarette smoke rob the skin of much-needed oxygen. An oxygen face treatment will help reverse the effects of environmental pollutants and rejuvenates oxygen-starved skin.

Accelerates cellular turnover – Medical research workers are convinced that the infusion of oxygen into the skin might help the skin create new cells at a quicker pace. This increased cell rejuvenation helps to speed the healing of facial scarring, acne and blemishes.

Lessens Redness and Inflammation.

No side effects- Unlike other more invasive antiaging remedies such as Botox or microdermabrasion, oxygen facial treatments don’t lead to any unwanted side effects such as stinging, burning or inflammation. The process of delivering the oxygen is quite mild, which makes oxygen facials treatments suitable for people who have very sensitive skin and for individuals who prefer to steer clear of injections or chemical treatments. After an oxygen facial treatment, you can resume normal routines right away, even applying makeup and using your normal facial products.

After an oxygen facial treatment, you can expect to see a more revitalized and rejuvenated appearance. One that makes you look well-rested with a just-back-from-vacation glow. Ageing and Dull Skin Lacks Oxygen! Oxygen treatments are essential to rejuvenate dull skin, ageing skin, fine lines and wrinkles and help clear Acne breakouts.

Everybody deserves to give their skin an oxygen facial and you won’t be disappointed with the outcomes. Oxygen gets your skin breathing again. So, when your skin is breathing everything thereafter that we do, produces even more remarkable results, due to the fact that oxygen opens the pores of the skin down all the way through the layers.

Are you ready to benefit from a Bound-Oxygen Face Treatment?

Oxygen Facial Treatments are available for: Anyone and Everyone – an amazing face treatment for fine lines/wrinkles, dryness, acne (a must!) and all things anti-ageing! If you want to go to a beauty salon to do a similar treatment it could very easily set you back $100 for one treatment.

You can now do this in the comfort of your very own home.

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