Absorbing Oxygen

Absorbing Oxygen into the blood is most important of all. As our blood is our life! The better our blood is the better our health is.

But up till recently adding extra oxygen into the blood has not been an easy thing to do. And hence nobody is doing it. And nobody is really thinking of ways to doing it.

Now with the Bound-Oxygen product range it is suddenly easy, so if you ever thought it would be desirable to have extra oxygen in your blood, then pay attention to this fantastic products.

The Skin Spray, has a strength of 0.65% and it sorts out all skin problems, but it is also absorbed into the skin, especially when you spray on the same skin over and over contiuesly. The top of the feet works very well.

Secondly the Sore Throat Spray 3% when sprayed into the mouth (while breathing in) also absorbed very effectively into the blood.

The throat’s skin absorbed much faster than the outside skin.

If you own an oxygen meter, that mesures the persentage Oxygen in the blood, you will be able to see the oxygen levels rise with continual use.

All desease starts in the Gut, but when the desease has started then it is in the blood.

So sorting out the blood is most important of all!

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